Cureent Opening : AC Technician & Helper(Who want to learn AC Work)

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Job Role

The airconditioning technicians install, inspect, maintain, and repair air conditioner.
Ventilate equipment and controls making sure they operate efficiently and continuously.
Perform regular maintenance work on cooling units.
Diagnose electrical and mechanical defects and malfunctions.
Install or repair equipment that has been damaged. Make adjustment & do calibrations of thermostatic controls.
Install new air-conditioning systems and equipment.
Inspect and maintain refrigerators and ice machines, and chilled water supply systems.
Clean blowers and coils, check tensions of belts and motors.
Make plans & designs of new AC systems including their installation and maintenance.
Keeping daily logs and records of all maintenance function
Assisting with customers' queries.
Performing emergency repairs promptly and efficiently.
Complying with service standards, work instructions and customers' requirements.



Rohini and Begum Pur Delhi
Kandivali , Maharashtra , Mumbai

Monthly Salary Range

8,000 to 22000

Technical Required skills

Service , Repair , Maintaince , shifting & Installation

Job Type

Full Time

Benefits with Shubh Service

One weekly off
Uniform provided
Salary +incentive + Conveyance

Experience (in Year)

1 to 6 Year prefer

Job Description

Looking to hire AC Technicians in Rohini, Delhi . They would be responsible for attending various service calls at customer's residence / Office e.g. installation, repair, preventive maintenance, uninstall etc. and hence need to have adequate experience in this area. Since they are primary touch points with the customers, we are looking at experienced and high quality resources.

Finding right job is hard work

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